Policies | Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA

Creative Learning Childcare is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Welfare and meets the state’s standards for staffing, health and safety practices, nutrition, enrollment, ratios, and record keeping. Regular inspections assure that our center complies with all state regulations. However, we constantly strive to exceed these minimum guidelines for adequate child care. In this “strive for excellence”, our center is fulfilling requirements for the Keystone Stars accreditation. Our license and Keystone Stars accreditation fulfillment are prominently displayed on the hall parent information board.

Department of Public Welfare Regulations

For your convenience, a copy of the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) regulations for licensed child care centers and their phone number is posted on the parent information board in the hallway. Regulations with which you might be less familiar are:

  • Learning activities at Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA.Immunizations - Religious conflict is the only state sanctioned justification for a child’s non-immunization.
  • Accidents – Accidents are recorded on an incident report form that is placed in your child’s file. A copy of the report will be given to you after you have signed it. All information pertaining to the accident is listed on the form.
  • Schedules – Daily agendas and lesson plans are posted in each classroom. A “Today we…” board is located outside of each classroom for a quick daily update.
  • Photo ID – To release a child from the Center, our employees must be able to verify the identity of whom is picking up the child and to make sure they are on the emergency-contact form. Please be prepared to display a photo driver’s license or picture id.

Safety & Security

To assure a child’s safety upon arrival, parents/guardians must accompany their child to the appropriate classroom. A child will be released to his/her parents or guardians only, unless the staff is notified, in advance, that someone from the emergency contact form will be picking him/her up. Please be prepared to show identification, if our staff is not familiar with you or the person picking up your child. Creative Learning Child Care has installed a state of the art security door to monitor the people coming into our facility.

Financial Payments & Extra Charges

Weekly charges are due and payable each Friday prior to the week of care.  Chronic late payments and overdue payments that have lapsed for a period of one week or longer may result in the termination of child care services for your child.  Credit card payments are, also, accepted.

Returned Checks: Returned checks will incur a minimum fee of $20.00. If checks are returned on a habitual basis, fees for the account may become payable by cash only.

Late Charges: After closing hours, a fee of $1 per minute will be charged to you and due in cas to staff on duty.

*Note: If your child is not picked up by 6:00 pm, and we have been unable to reach anyone listed on your emergency contact form, we are required by the Department of Public Welfare to contact Children’s Services.

Milk and Juice: This service is provided for your child at the cost of $5 per month. This can be paid directly to your child’s teacher.

Pizza: Mondays are pizza day. The fee if $2.00 and is paid directly to your child’s teacher. On Fridays, we offer an optional lunch, also, for a fee between $2-$3.

Swim Classes: This is a voluntary program run through Fitness U at an additional fee.

We make learning fun, enroll your kids at Creative Learning Childcare in Erie, PA today!